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At Filtrec Filters, sustainable development is about how we run our business, the right way, to positively and responsibly meet the market’s needs. Sustainable development is about achieving their target performance in various dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

Managing System Quality ISO 9001:2008 

FILTREC believe that Quality Management is the key to success in order to fulfil our customers’ requirements. Officialy Filtrec achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2004 but a Quality Management procedure started internally in 1997 already.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

New legislation, consumer pressure and growing demand for ethical investment all see to that. However, Filtrec also sees that environmental management is an opportunity to reduce waste, lower costs, increase efficency and enhance corporate reputation. In december 2006 Filtrec has achieved its ISO 14001:2004 certification.


R&D reflects the on going commitment of Filtrec S.p.A to provide innovative technologies and solutions within the filtration industry. Constant laboratory testing ensures quality, efficiency and continuous improvement of the whole product portfolio. Tests are carried out according to ISO norms and NFPA, NAS, MIL, NAVAIR standards.

ISO 3968: Evaluation of differential pressure vs flow characteristic.
ISO 2942: Filter Fabrication Integrity – Bubble Point Test.
NFPA T3.10.17 ISO 10771:  Pressure Fatigue Test.
ISO 2941: Verification of collapse/burst pressure rating
ISO 16889: Multipass Test.
ISO 2943: Compatibility Test.
ISO 3723: End load Test verification.
ISO 23181: Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using high viscosity fluid.
ISO 3968: Pressure Drop vs. Flow and By-Pass Valves setting.
ISO 4405: Determination of particulate contamination by Gravimetric Method.
ISO 4021: Extraction of fluid samples from lines of an operating system.
ISO 4406 e  NAS 1638: Automatic Bottle sampler – Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles.
ISO 4407: Determination of particulate contamination by the counting method using an optical microscope.

In the Filtration Part Number Search field above enter the part number and click "GO". This is usually found on the bottom "lid" or end cap of the filter. If you have a full assembly - housing plus filter inside - you will need to remove the filter from the housing to obtain an accurate part number. The majority of all Original Equipment Manufacturers filters can also be crossed to a direct replacement for your convenience. (See our Hydraulic Cross Reference Section) This offers you the best lead time, pricing and gives the customer a choice in their filtration needs. We have one of the largest cross reference data bases in the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your exact cross if you cannot find it here.